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Mass-shelf series


1.Our company produces the series of intensive form of frame structure with type and box,equipped with safety limit and anti-theft device, fully formed between column.If users have special requirements,we will special design and manufacture.

2.Each volumn shelves are breaking device, convenient opening and closing. Open only when the pick up information pull brake handle, the frame body won't be others move, can effectively guarantee access to personnel safety.

3.Transmission mechanism adopts precision HR109204 self-aligning bearings, chain 45#428 within the solid core steel, biaxial rotating light, mobile and flexible, snaking.

4.Dense frame between each volumn is equipped with magnetic rubber suction sealing device, the sealing strip after aging treatment. On the top of the frame body is equipped with dust-proof plate, the buttom is equipped withrat file after closed without aperture, reached the fire prevention dust security, the heat, fall preventionrequirement.

5.The rack USEShave strengthen the overall frame plate and the plate buckle hook hangs Taiwan, smooth solid frame plate after assembly.Gear automatic gear structure. Crank can stop in the vertical position, the handle can be folded,

so as to avoid traffic.

6.Welding chassis frame combation for piecewise combation, machining accuracy is high, has a good interchangeability, docking type section, wide range,etc.

7.The surface coating. Guide railhave embedded type, strengthening support type, flat on the ground, rail on the cement on the groud of embedded type, required bedding solid level off, the guide rail after the shop do surface layer.

Ground track-laying type is installed directly on the ground that has been completed.Track and ground connection for use expansion screws.

8.Surface treatment using emulsifier and alkaline help wash the degreasing, derusting, zinc phosphate is a thin flim phosphating, passivation, the final powder coating. Decorate the protective good performance, strong adhesion.

Frame body wall proessing method and processing method of the same appearance.